Andrew S. Gibson

A writer with a camera

I'm the founder of The Creative Photographer and Mastering Lightroom websites, Creative Photographer Magazine and author of more than 50 photography ebooks (100,000+ copies sold) and over 1000 articles for magazines and websites. I also write middle-grade fiction (coming soon).


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About Andrew S. Gibson

It all started in Bolivia. It was time for a career change. I loved photography but I didn't want to be a professional photographer – I wanted to write about it. I sat at the desk in my hotel room and wrote my first article. That was in 2007, and led to a job writing about Canon cameras at EOS magazine HQ.In 2010 I left to set up my own photography education business. Since then I've written over 50 photography ebooks and created courses teaching photographers about creativity and Lightroom Classic.I've run my business from five different countries (the UK, New Zealand, China, Spain and Argentina). But through it all I wanted to achieve another goal – write a novel.Seeing the pleasure my son gets from reading has inspired me to write books for children.I'm working on my first middle-grade novel, an exciting Regency adventure with smugglers, spies, fossils and Mary Anning. I have lots more ideas, including stories set in Spain, Bolivia and on grand ocean liners like the Titanic, filled with unforgettable characters and lots of adventure.My favourite things are books, writing, photography, history and travel.My favourite authors are Katherine Woodfine, Emma Carroll, Peter Bunzl, M.A. Bennett and Jacqueline Winspear.

Courses taken

I've taken the following writing courses.Golden Egg Academy
Write Your Successful Children's Novel (12 week course)
BBC Maestro
Writing Books For Children (David Walliams)
Writing For Young Adults (Malorie Blackman)
Writing Bestselling Fiction (Ken Follett)
Children's Novel Writing for Beginners (Lisa Thompson)
Children’s Fiction: Write Compelling Adventure Stories (Ross Montgomery)
Introduction to Writing a Children’s Fantasy Novel (Piers Torday)
Writing Children's Novels from Start to Finish (Olney Goin)
Children's Narrative: Create Lively Characters (Idalia Sautto)
The Zero Draft: How to Start Writing a Novel (Shaunta Grimes)
Creative Writing Foundations: Develop Compelling Characters (Mark Boutros)
Novel Writing: Bring Your Book Project to Life (Grant Faulkner)
Writing a Detective Novel (Charlie Becerra)
Writing a Novel Step by Step (Cristina López Barrio)
Creative Prompts for Writing Stories (Jorge Gonzalvo)
Psychology of Characters in Stories (Cecilia Magaña Chávez)
Introduction to Commercial Fiction Writing (Paige Toon)
Creative Writing: Unlocking and Inspiring Ideas (Natalia Méndez)
The Art of Creative Writing: Learn Storytelling Techniques (Reneé Bibby)
Introduction to Narrative Writing (Alberto Chimal)
Book Writing for Beginners: Develop Your Ideas on Paper (Shaun Levin)
Creative Writing for Beginners: Bringing Your Story to Life (Shaun Levin)